How Amazon Prime Has Transformed Trade Shows

Amazon Prime shipping has revolutionized customer expectations. 

Since Amazon’s rapid popularity over the last decade, and being named the #1 brand in the world, they have shifted the paradigm of buyers. And the paradigm of companies right along with it.

People now no longer see 2-day shipping as a luxury: it’s an expectation. Other brands, like Wal-Mart and Target, have followed Amazon’s example and adopted their own versions of 2-day shipping. But that’s only one small piece of Amazon’s towering success. 

From customer service to ease of the buying experience to Prime Day, Amazon does everything to create an effortless experience for its users. As a result, Amazon builds a larger and larger loyalty base by the day.

How has this affected trade shows and events? Let’s take a look at the top two ways Amazon Prime has transformed the event world:


Amazon prime and trade shows


1. Speed

We live in a “I want it now” world, and Amazon just keeps pushing the envelope. Beyond 2-day shipping, we now have 1-day shipping and, in some places, same-day shipping. In this fast-paced, digital world, people expect instant payoffs. As a result, trade show leads go cold faster than ever. Years ago, companies could wait weeks before re-engaging with a lead, and that lead might very well still express interest. But that time has passed. According to our research, your team should reengage within 48-72 hours to be most effective. Otherwise, buyers will move right along to your competitor. 

So how do you take a long list of leads from a show and reach out to all of them within this window? The trick is to target the hottest, most qualified leads first. At the show, make it easy for your booth reps to separate hot leads from warm or cold. This way, you can tackle the hottest leads first before they lose interest—or end up buying from your competitor. 


2. Personalization

People expect a personalized buying experience. Think about shopping on Amazon. You often receive suggestions for similar items. Amazon is always listening and learning from your buying history, watchlist on Prime Video, songs on Amazon Music, etc. The interface and results alter to fit each specific person. In short, Amazon personalizes the user experience. 

Is your team listening to prospects at events and personalizing the buyer journey like Amazon? People now no longer respond to cold-calling and generic emails without any relevance. Prospects expect a tailored solution to their individual problems. 

After a trade show, sales reps back at the office get a pile of contact information, and most of the juicy conversations from the booth are lost. Reps have no way to reengage with a lead in a meaningful and personal way. They don’t have the ammunition to effectively engage and close deals. And the probability of moving an opportunity forward drops significantly.

To succeed post-show, booth staff need to ask and record qualifying questions (pain point, product interest, etc.) during an event. This way, sales reps back in the office have the ability to reengage with relevance post-show. 


With Amazon leading this major shift in the buying experience, exhibitors must follow suit and adjust their strategies. Today’s prospects expect a faster and personalized buying experience. Let’s give it to them and capitalize on the quality leads stopping by our booths.